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Experiential Learning: Building the Feedback Loop

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MBA Consultancy – where MBA students work as a team on a real-world project for a real company or nonprofit is one of the earliest forms of experiential learning in business schools. Dr. Thomas Maier presents on the Malloy Group, an MBA consultancy in University of San Francisco School of Management.

Dr. Maier describes in detail how he systematically applies a feedback loop to student projects, using a competency framework borrowed from professional consultancies to student projects and balancing project clients with student learning objectives.

Presented by:

Dr. Thomas Maier, Director, Malloy Group and Associate Professor at University of San Francisco School of Management
David Comisford, Founder of EduSourced

Download webinar slides here

Experiential Learning: an Integrated Approach

Many educational experiences can fall under the general descriptor of “experiential learning,” including live cases, action learning projects, and external consulting projects. While all of these require students to assess complex business problems and deliver innovative solutions to an external partner, instantiations of experiential learning differ on the degree of guidance provided to students and the level of professionalism demanded of them.

In this webinar, Dr. Sandra Loughlin from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business will describe the developmental approach Smith is taking to conceptualize experiential learning and help students succeed. She will highlight the role of two providers–Real Time Cases and EduSourced–in Smith’s efforts to equip students with the problem solving and client management skills necessary for mutually rewarding engagements with external partners.

Presented by:

Dr. Sandra Loughlin, Director Office of Transformational Learning at the Smith School of Business
Jeff Bieganek, Executive Director of MBA Roundtable
Jennifer Stecklow, Director of Learning Solutions at Real Time Cases
David Comisford, Founder of EduSourced

Download webinar slides here

3/22/2016 Managing Client-based Experiential Learning Presented by EduSourced & MBA Roundtable

Presenting findings from a recent 100+ participant survey, Best Practices as shared by seven top MBA experiential programs and an overview of the EduSourced software platform that was designed to manage Client-based Experiential Learning.

Presented by:

Anne Ferrante, PhD, Executive Director of MBA Roundtable
David Comisford, Founder EduSourced
Jackie Wilbur, Executive Director Emeritus MIT Sloan

Download webinar slides here
Download accompanying white paper here

10/14/2015 ELN Webinar #3 Developing Students Into T-Shaped Professionals

Dr. Jim Spohrer, IBM’s Global Director for University Programs and Dr. Philip Gardner, Michigan State’s Director of Collegiate Employment Researching Institute present on how universities are using interdisciplinary learning projects to develop students into “T shaped” professionals.

6/8/2015 ELN Webinar #2 Action Learning at MIT Sloan: Bringing Management Education to Life

Michellana Jester, Director of Action Learning at MIT Sloan, presents on Action Learning generally and its application at Sloan specifically. Topics covered include faculty and student engagement and managing the complexity of international labs.

2/23/2016 ELN Webinar #1 Part 2/2 Action Learning Webinar Matthew Lynall Purdue Krannert

Matthew Lynall presents his Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) from Purdue University Krannert School of Management.

2/23/2016 ELN Webinar #1 Part 1/2 Action Learning Webinar Andrew Allen Univ. of Illinois

Andrew Allen presents on Illinois Business Consulting (IBC), the oldest student-led experiential program in the country with 270 students passing through IBC each year.

2/23/2015 ELN Webinar #1 Complete Experiential learning: From Buy-in to Faculty and Student Engagement

Engaged Learning Webinar presented by Andrew Allen of University of Illinois College of Business, Roger McCarty of Brigham Young University and Matthew Lynall of Purdue University Krannert School of Management.