Why Experiential Learning Offices are Critical

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Webinars

UT Dallas Jindal School of Management went from disorganized, ad hoc experiential learning to a cohesive program with a fantastic client reputation and thousands of students engaged in 2.5 years by investing in an office of experiential learning (UTDserv). In this webinar, we explore why creating an office of experiential learning is crucial. UTDserv leaders Edwin Van Der Vlist and Dr. David Park share how they launched this program, how they use EduSourced as their EL management platform and their results from UTDserv

Our take: in 2022, 62% of school surveyed had an experiential learning requirement but only 48% have a dedicated experiential learning office or staff. This represents an opportunity to align support resources behind a key initiative for the school and in doing so, maximize the school’s brand equity with their employer community.

To learn more about UTDserv, check out their website or send them a project.

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