Why Central Experiential Learning Offices are Critical

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Webinars

Why Central Experiential Learning Offices are Critical

 April 5, 2pm Eastern


Join us for this Experiential Academy webinar featuring Dr. David Parks and Edwin Van Der Vlist from UT Dallas’ Jindal School of Management. Edwin and David are presenting on the importance of having a dedicated Experiential Learning office to provide a formal entry point for employers to sponsor projects and to support faculty teaching EL.

EduSourced’s 2022 annual benchmarking survey reveals that 62% of programs surveyed have a required EL component but only 48% have a dedicated director or office of Experiential Learning. With the growing importance of EL, having a permanent position or office to oversee and coordinate is critical.

David and Edwin will be sharing their experience running UTDsolv, a consulting project program launched in fall of 2020 that has so far completed over 200 projects with nearly 2,000 students and driven $4.7M in measured economic value.

Key Topics Covered
  • The value of having a central Experiential Learning office to support faculty and provide a formal entrypoint for employers to sponsor projects
  • How to scope projects efficiently, even at large scale
  • Managing project sponsor relationships: soliciting and retaining sponsors

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