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Student Information System
Single Sign On

Student Information System to import your student records into EduSourced with two clicks

Single Sign On compatibility means your users can use their existing school accounts to login to EduSourced

A seamless experience for students and instructors between EduSourced, Canvas and other LMS systems

(Coming soon)
All project client records neatly integrated with your school's Salesforce

The Software Tool for Client-base Experiential Learning


What is EduSourced?

EduSourced is uniquely focused on client-based experiential projects in business and engineering programs.

We designed our product to support every step of running experiential programs, either in a single course or supporting projects across the entire curriculum.


Project Repository

All of your experiential projects in one place.

Canvas Integration

Seamlessly view EduSourced project highlights right inside Canvas

360 Team Surveys

The gold standard for team surveys: true 360 evals.

Microsoft Office

Real-time secure collaboration for students and clients with Microsoft Office.

Client Directory

Records all client activity linked to any current or past projects. Easy.

Flexible User Roles

One place for all program stakeholders. Flexibility for different account types.

Student Applications

(Optional) Supports programs where students apply to join.

Secure Collaboration

All project information and team collaboration in one place. Secure.

Project Milestones

Track progress and deliverables across all projects in one place.

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