Additional Videos

EduSourced Platform Overview

Take a tour of EduSourced, the #1 software platform for managing client-based student projects in higher education.

Dashboard View: Monitoring Project Progress

EduSourced puts all project activity in one place so you can easily track project activity in one place. Milestones provide high-level structure for your students and this dashboard gives faculty and staff one place to review project progress and accept assignment.s

The Student Experience in EduSourced

View EduSourced from the student's perspective. See how students use EduSourced to collaborate with their team, interact with their project client and complete project objectives all with instructor oversight.

Managing Student Resumes & Applications

Do students apply to your experiential program? EduSourced EL - MS allows you to manage the applications and student account creation more efficiently than ever.

The Project Sponsor Experience in EduSourced

The project sponsor can propose projects, securely exchange files and interact with the student team.

Polling Students to Match Students into Teams

Allow students to vote on projects to match them into projects that are a good fit. Students can rank their top project choices and submit responses about why they would be a good fit for a project.

Adding Students to EduSourced

EduSourced integrates to your student database. See how to import students into your EduSourced. Contact your EduSourced support contact for details about setting up the integration.

Creating a Student Project Proposal

Instructions for submitting a proposal for a student-led project using EduSourced. This video also includes tips for creating high-quality proposals.

Assigning Students to Project Teams

You can bypass the polling function entirely and connect students directly into teams.