As traditional internships are disrupted, industry projects embedded in the curriculum have never been more important to ensure your students have the professional experience they need for their careers. Whether you are running experiential projects in an online program, traditional program or a temporarily remote scenario, EduSourced has the tools needed to deliver what some call virtual internships.

EduSourced Empowers your school to control its brand with these crucial community and employer partners and provides the tools to coordinate experiential projects across courses and departments for a more unified student and employer experience.
Student Information System
Single Sign On

Ensure your projects are on track! Efficiently collect ratings from all project stakeholders to assess if everyone is communicating and identify issues before it's too late.

Bring the team together no matter where they are. Your teams can use this feature even if your school does not have a Zoom license.

Collaboration and communication between employers and students is now more important than ever. End-to-end encryption respects employers' need for security and real-time collaboration meets students' need for fast, responsive communication.

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