Remote Internships? Reacting to COVID-19

March 31, 2020
Internship vs experiential project

Working remotely has always been the default for experiential project-based learning. This post describes how experiential projects serve as a remote internship and may be an ideal alternative to internship programs given the need for social distancing with COVID-19.

Conventional internships require students to work on-site at an employer’s facilities and, […]

EduSourced Product Update March 2020

March 20, 2020

For EduSourced’s response to the need for remote teamwork due to COVID-19, click here.

General product update for our March 20 release

The primary enhancement with this update is in a much more efficient to use survey response interface. This new interface, pictured below, groups questions visually and condenses the content making it generally easier […]

COVID-19 Update

Few industries are more upended right now than Higher Education. For our part, we are actively monitoring site performance and scale as needed to ensure a stable experience as you close out the spring term and as traffic rises with more people working remotely.

EduSourced was designed from the start as a tool to […]

Educating and Developing Gen Z

February 4, 2020
Educating Gen Z

Presented by The LX Consortium Watch the Recording

Recorded Live February 25 1PM Eastern

The LX Consortium is presenting a webinar with an expert panel as we learn about how to better educate Gen Z. Gen Z, now a larger group than Millennials, makes up approximately 32% of the world’s population. Gen Z is […]

Aggregating Experiential Learning

January 2, 2020

Not a week goes by without talking to school, looking to adopt EduSourced, where we ask “how many experiential touchpoints do you have?” and the answer is, nearly 100% of the time, “we don’t know.”

Experiential learning is profoundly personal. Each instructor or faculty, department and college we talk with has unique elements to their […]

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