Q & A From TCU Neeley Webinar

April 3, 2019
TCU Neeley Webinar EduSourced Webinar Series

In February, Ed Riefenstahl, Director of Experiential Learning at TCU’s Neeley School of Business, presented a behind the scenes look at their MBA Consultancy: Neeley & Associates. Below is the Q & A from the session.

Miss the webinar? Watch the recording here.

Q: How many projects does Neeley & Associates deliver each year? 

A: […]

Career Development Offices and Experiential Learning

March 22, 2019
Leeds Career Services Office

Guest Post by Gina Bortel, Assistant Director of Internships and Professional Experience Career Development Office at Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado

The Career Development Office is best known as a resource for connecting students to employers for jobs and internships. In recent years, experiential learning has been more intentionally integrated into career development across […]

Common Challenges and Best Practices in Experiential Projects: Fieldguide

March 6, 2019

What are client-based experiential projects?

A team of students working together, typically for course credit, on a project for a live client. These projects can be thought of as an evolution of the case study but differ in that the challenge to be solved is a current problem for which the client seeks a solution. […]

Reflections on the MBA Roundtable + LEPE Experiential Learning 2019 Workshop (Part 2)

January 25, 2019
Experiential Workshop Reflections

Managing experiential at scale is the context of nearly every topic covered in this workshop. With enough faculty, staff and hours in the day, anything is possible but in the world of constraints, implementing experiential efficiently is the only path to scale.

Reflections on the MBA Roundtable + LEPE Experiential Learning 2019 Workshop (Part 1)

Experiential Workshop Reflections

Experiential project-based learning is the hottest curriculum category in business education (especially MBA) and has been for at least five years. Despite this, very few Best Practices and fewer standards have emerged as guideposts for schools running, growing or launching PBL programs.

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