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The Future of Work

Key topics covered in this session on the Future of Work:

The introduction of new technologies coupled with shifting trends in society have led many to project that the future of work will involve tens of millions of jobs being redefined or disappearing entirely. […]

Developing and Educating Gen Z

This webinar was hosted by LX Consortium, a joint effort between several schools, employers and EduSourced revolving around experiential learning. Special thanks to University of Illinois for co-hosting this panel and the LX group. More info here. Key topics covered in this session on […]

Linking Learning to Teamwork with The Institute for Experiential Learning

Teamwork is arguably the most critical component of an industry classroom project. Kay Peterson from the Institute for Experiential Learning will present a new research-based approach to optimize learning in the context of teamwork.  The new Team Learning Report helps team members understand their […]

University of Vermont Senior Design Tools and Processes

With around 200 students per year spanning five engineering disciplines, the University of Vermont Senior Design is a large program with industry projects in a small metro area (Burlington, Vermont).

Program faculty share tools used and processes developed from the past few years as […]

TCU Neeley & Associates Shares Lessons Learned in 13 Years of an MBA Consultancy

For 13 years, Neeley & Associates has been a premier MBA consultancy run from TCU Neeley School of Business. This TCU Neeley webinar covers is an insider’s notes on running experiential in an MBA program but also has applicability for undergraduate business programs.

Key […]

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