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See why EduSourced is the most adopted platform for experiential learning management in Higher Education!

EduSourced FAQ

What is EduSourced

The leading experiential learning management platform! EduSourced is a one-stop-shop for managing an experiential learning program or course including capstone, practicum, student consulting, etc. If your program involves live clients and project-based learning, EduSourced is likely a fit. 

Does EduSourced integrate with my Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes! EduSourced uses the industry standard LTI to connect with all common Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L, etc.).

EduSourced also uses Canvas’ API for a deeper connection with that LMS.

How do I get started with EduSourced?

We recommend a consultation call to discuss your experiential learning program (or future EL plans) and can then advise on fit with the EduSourced platform. EduSourced is highly customizable depending on your program and its needsm so a live call typically works best.

Is EduSourced FERPA compliant?

Yes! EduSourced is fully hosted in the United States and our Privacy Policy ensures schools retain exclusive access of their data, including sensitive student data.