Experiential Learning Program Management

EduSourced is custom-configured to fit your unique Industry-based Learning program, protect your private data and provide measured results.

The Platform for Industry Based Experiential Learning


Mentors, clients, faculty, staff and students, all working together seamlessly.


Complete (and private!) record of your experiential program, updated automatically and exportable.


We brought real 360 surveys into Higher Ed: let your students learn from their feedback.


Outcomes Assessed

Skills inventory surveys, project client feedback and 360 surveys paint a total picture of your program’s outcomes.

Project Health

Project stakeholders dynamically and easily identify how their teams are doing and how their projects are progressing.


Integrate with your Learning Management System (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) and Single Sign-on so school users don’t have another account to manage.

Which describes your experiential program?

There are so many small and large decisions to make but you have to start somewhere. EduSourced works out of the box with templates and presets that make sense for most schools. As your experiential program matures and evolves, we grow with you: you can configure EduSourced to your evolving needs.

Also, you will be joining a community of over 20,000 monthly active users engaged in experiential learning across over 70 schools.

Most of our schools have been doing expereintial learning for years. They want a platform that adapts to their needs, not the other way around. EduSourced does just that: in the implementation process, our team consults with you for a custom implementation without the custom amount of time those implmentations normally take.

Every stakeholder is important

Industry projects in the classroom work best when industry and classroom are linked. But it has to be done in a way that protects student privacy, protect documents provided by your clients and protects the relationship you have with the employers providing these learning experiences. EduSourced is the only tool to bring this all together, designed specifically for experiential learning.

Don’t outsource. Insource.

Where do projects come from? Our benchmarking survey shows they come from 7 places but third-party vendors are dead last. Rather than continue trying to push our relationships and projects onto schools, we provide the tools to help schools make the most of their relationships and project recruitment.

Join 20,000 Monthly Active Users

You can use EduSourced for a single course or across an entire school. Is your goal to better support experiential learning across the school? Or do you run a single course that has simply become too big to manage manually?

Implementing EduSourced starts with a personal demo with our team to define the fit between our platform and your program.

"Everything in one place. It makes managing projects really convenient."

– Faculty user from Brigham Young University Hawaii

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