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The most robust experiential learning platform, custom tailored to your program.

EduSourced has been great for managing Babson’s student consulting projects. Our students, clients and administrators find it to be easy to use and helpful in organizing teams and their data. And the customer support has been great!

We use EduSourced for our Multidisciplinary Senior Design. It’s a valuable tool saving significant time. I handle projects agreements which used to take 2 days. With EduSourced, I simply set it as a milestone and it’s done. And tracking project budgets in real-time is great. EduSourced has been a huge time saver.

Using EduSourced takes the friction and administrative overhead out of Experiential Learning and allows faculty and students focus on the projects and learning itself.

Can’t get any better for Managing Student Projects. EduSourced provides a platform for students, faculty and clients to communicate and monitor the progress of projects. The support is also amazing.

EduSourced saves me countless hours of administration time in managing 40TUDE, a student consulting program that works with our community of business and nonprofit partners.

Experiential Learning Benchmark Report 2023

The most comprehensive benchmarking report for Experiential Learning. Updated for 2023

The latest at EduSourced:

A redesigned, sleek new project submission form that is more flexible than ever and allows for multiple client types. And, as always, everything you collect in EduSourced is private to your EL program!

Flexible, Secure, Powerful and Easy to Use

Each program we onboard gets an EduSourced workspace tailored for their Experiential Learning course or program.


One dashboard for all of your clients, project history, outcomes and everything else. Finally, a unified record for your experiential program.

Secure Collaboration

Connect all program stakeholders together for secure interactions that faculty can easily stay on top of. Industry clients, community mentors, faculty, staff and students, all in one place.

Manage Experiential At Scale

Whether you are handling 10 projects at a time or 1,000: EduSourced scales to your program’s need.


Enterprise Grade

Whether you implement EduSourced in a single course or across the college, our platform is built on industry standard security and has been vetted by over 50 Higher Ed Institutions across the US

Your Client Relationships Matter

Many edtech providers bury their ownership of your data in jargon. We’ve made our Terms of Service as clear as possible because we believe school ownership of school data is crucial. Especially employer information which is key to the long-term health of your Employer-based Experiential Learning programs. With EduSourced as your experiential learning platform, you own your employer ecosystem and your data.

Secure cloud

Own Your Ecosystem

Your employer and community relationships make your experiential program unique and sustainable.

Using EduSourced protects your relationships while providing a secure space for collaboration and a single repository for all of your records, which you can easily export at any time. 

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