Experiential Learning at Scale: 1,000 Student PBL Course

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Webinars

There are many reasons live projects in the classroom are difficult but University of Houston Bauer proves that any challenge can be met, even if you have a required course with 1,000 students! Jamie Belinne, Assistant Dean for Career Services at Bauer, met a simple problem: 2,000 business students who largely lacked career readiness and a professional network when graduating, with a challenging solution. Link all of these students with real employers for real industry projects in their first year. Experiential learning at scale.

External, as measured by employers
  • 62% increase in internship participation
  • 20% improvement in presentation skill confidence
  • One-year retention rate increased 8%
  • Placement rates increased from 38% to 90%!
  • Professional image: 8% ► 19%
  • Work ethic: 5% ► 33%
  • Teamwork: 7% ► 23%

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