Experiential Learning at Scale: 1,000 Student PBL Course

There are many reasons live projects in the classroom are difficult but University of Houston Bauer proves that any challenge can be met, even if you have a required course with 1,000 students! Jamie Belinne, Assistant Dean for Career Services at Bauer, met a simple problem: 2,000 business students who largely lacked career readiness and a professional network when graduating, with a challenging solution. Link all of these students with real employers for real industry projects in their first year. Experiential learning at scale.

External, as measured by employers
  • 62% increase in internship participation
  • 20% improvement in presentation skill confidence
  • One-year retention rate increased 8%
  • Placement rates increased from 38% to 90%!
  • Professional image: 8% ► 19%
  • Work ethic: 5% ► 33%
  • Teamwork: 7% ► 23%

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