Experiential Learning Project Health: Trends in Project Success

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Product

What is Project Health?

Project Health was launched in 2020, a feature designed to surface issues and challenges within a team or project in real-time.

How does it work?

Experiential programs using the EduSourced platform can enable or disable this feature. If enabled, users linked to a project can submit their vote, at anytime, as to whether the project is On-Track, At-Risk or Off-Track. Users are prompted and reminded to log Project Health based on their user type. For example, a project client will be reminded less often than a student. The reminders themselves are designed to be extremely easy to interact with to maximize responses.

The data

3,502 users from across 37 experiential programs reported Project Health last year when we did a limited launch of this feature across a subset of our schools and below are the results.

41% of all users in participating programs contributed Project Health ratings throughout the course of their project. This participation rate varies significantly across schools as some actively messaged this feature to their users while others simply left it on for users to engage if they saw fit. The highest student participation rate was 100%, achieved by three programs and the record participation rate across all user types, including project clients, was 71%. The average number of entries made per user is 6.6 times throughout their project providing actionable insight over time as to how things were going. Student users are the biggest participators in Project Health, and below are the average entries per user type across all programs:

  • Students: 3.26 entries per project
  • Project clients: 2.39 per project
  • Instructors: 1.81 entries per project
  • Mentors: 1.67 entries per project

We found it surprising that project clients log Project Health more than instructors!

Some of the highest performing programs, judged by the percentage of On-Track (green) Project Health ratings collected across all user types, are programs and courses from:

  • University of Georgia: 100%
  • Duke University: 100%
  • New Mexico State University: 98.08%
  • CUNY Baruch: 97.89%

For perspective, the average percentage of On-Track ratings across all programs using this feature in EduSourced last year was 92.32%. Clearly, most projects are rated green most of the time, but the ratings above are notable as they were each collected across hundreds of users per program.

Among the four user types, students were the most optimistic about project success while instructors were the most pessimistic but still overall, quite positive on their projects’ standing. Here is how the results shake out by user type across all participating programs:

  • Students: 92.86% (highest project approval rating)
  • Clients: 92.11%
  • Mentors: 86.42%
  • Instructors: 84.41% (lowest project approval rating)

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