Webinar: UT Dallas Jindal’s Expansive and High Impact Multidisciplinary Experiential Learning

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Webinars

This episode of Experiential Academy features Edwin Van Der Vlist and Dr. David Parks from UT Dallas Jindal School of Management. Edwin and David present on their multidisciplinary experiential learning capstone: UTDsolv, a corporate consulting program and UTDserv, an EL program serving nonprofits. Edwin and David’s office supports these programs with central oversight, coordination and project sourcing.

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Key Topics

  • How this multidisciplinary experiential program was launched and buy in achieved
  • The enormous value of a centrally supported experiential learning program for the institution, students and employer community
  • How UTDserv and UTDsolv use EduSourced to organize their programs

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Video Timestamps

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:28 How UTDsolv started – building an EL office
  • 4:20 The EL landscape at UT Dallas Jindal
  • 6:40 UTDsolv’s mission
  • 11:40 UTDsolv metrics
  • 24:00 UTDsolv – the nonprofit and community EL program
  • 32:50 Team and resources behind EL at UTD
  • 34:40 The process behind EL at UTD
  • 45:05 How UTD School of Management uses EduSourced
  • 50:22 Managing EL project client expectations
  • 51:00 UTDsolv contact information
  • 53:00 Final audience Q&A

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