COVID-19 Update

Posted by David Comisford

March 20, 2020

Few industries are more upended right now than Higher Education. For our part, we are actively monitoring site performance and scale as needed to ensure a stable experience as you close out the spring term and as traffic rises with more people working remotely.

EduSourced was designed from the start as a tool to support and oversee projects and teams regardless of those team’s locations but there is more we can do to fully optimize for remote teams.

We currently have two features in progress that will help with team oversight and remote collaboration: Project Health (more details to come) an integration with Zoom webconferencing software allowing teams to easily launch and manage conference calls within EduSourced, even if your school does not have a Zoom license.

If you are an EduSourced client and need financial assistance for your renewal, please contact customer support.

Stay safe everyone!

The EduSourced team

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