Experiential Learning: Building the Feedback Loop

by | May 23, 2017 | Webinars

MBA Consultancy – where MBA students work as a team on a real-world project for a real company or nonprofit is one of the earliest forms of experiential learning in business schools. Dr. Thomas Maier presents on the Malloy Group, an MBA consultancy in University of San Francisco School of Management.

Dr. Maier describes in detail how he systematically applies a feedback loop to student projects, using a competency framework borrowed from professional consultancies to student projects and balancing project clients with student learning objectives.

Key topics:

  • Implementing a structred approach to surveys in your experiential projects
  • Operating an MBA Consultancy


  • Dr. Thomas Maier, Director, Malloy Group and Associate Professor at University of San Francisco School of Management
  • David Comisford, Founder of EduSourced

Download webinar slides here

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