Innovating MBA curriculum with project-based learning

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Written Posts

The recent Financial Times Soapbox titled “Innovation in the MBA curricula is vital” points out the immediate opportunity business schools have to include or increase project-based learning activities as part of their curriculum.

As mentioned in the article, renowned scholar Henry Mintzberg, professor at Desautels Faculty of Management says:

“While technical and scientific approaches within management disciplines are essential, the practical application of management knowledge, as well as an appreciation of its art and craft should be enhanced in MBA Programmes.”

At EduSourced, as we work with business schools on building and improving their experiential-learning efforts, we’ve seen ample evidence that faculty are using project-based learning as a way for their students to practice the art and science of management. In fact, our work shows that:

  • Experiential, project-based learning for real clients is the best curriculum tool to facilitate the synthesis and judgment cultivation that MBA graduates need to be successful
  • Giving MBAs the opportunity to learn how to manage stakeholders is important to their professional development, and there is no better way to do this than by introducing the real stakeholders of a company team who is overseeing the project into the learning process and,
  • A school seeking to shift away from a siloed teaching approach needs systems and tools that support these efforts

The EduSourced software is designed to support business schools in the creation, delivery and evaluation of their experiential programs. Our unique cloud-based, collaborative solution can support an MBA Program just beginning to create and deliver project-based learning, as well as a one with multiple experiential programs. If you are a school looking to innovate your MBA curriculum, we’d love to talk with you about how we can help!

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