360 degree surveys for experiential project teams

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360 degree surveys
360 degree surveys in experiential projects are the gold-standard for managing team feedback. 360s provide your students with the learning experience of seeing their peers’ and instructor’s view of their performance on a project relative to their self-perception.

Harvard Business Review describes 360 surveys as the one thing they have seen profoundly and consistently change professional lives. And they should know, 360 surveys are a major component of HBR’s leadership programs.

Client-based experiential learning is about bring the real-world, industry oriented experiences to the classroom. This new feature is designed to take these projects to the next level by providing students with a profound learning experience that mirrors how they will be evaluated in their careers.

How 360 degree surveys in EduSourced work:

  1. Students complete their 360 review with a self-assessment and an assessment of each teammate.
  2. Instructors and/or project clients can optionally participate in the 360 by rating each teammate.
  3. Students receive reporting back anonymously and visually showing how their peers and instructor assessed their performance relative to their own self-assessment. Instructors can configure this reporting to happen either automatically or only after they review the results and decide it’s okay for students to see it.

Pictured below is a report a student will see identifying their self-assessment, peer and instructor assessment in a single view. You can configure this feature to include or not include instructor and even client assessment. The results are 100% anonymous to the student view but instructors can see the detail of which students provided which feedback.

360 Team Survey results

360 degree surveys are included in EduSourced. EduSourced is the leading software platform for managing client-based experiential learning programs in colleges and universities across the country.

Demo EduSourced

See why EduSourced is the most adopted platform for experiential learning management in Higher Education!

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