Teamwork Assessment: Identifying Individual Performance Within a Team

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How to assess individual performance within a team

EduSourced is used for experiential team-based learning and the question of how to do teamwork assessment, especially including grading individual contributions within a team, comes up often. We built a surveys engine, which includes peer feedback surveys, within EduSourced that mirrors peer and 360 reviews done in the workplace (alongside measuring client satisfaction and several other survey types). We think the results of these peer reviews can be a great indicator of each student’s performance within their team.

Wilhelm Friess and Andrew Goupee at the University of Maine conducted a study on their students to identify the impact of peer review. The full paper is available here. This study found that continuous or ongoing peer review had a mild positive impact on the grades of students’ individual assignments, improved team dynamics and provided career readiness by familiarizing students with critical feedback they can expect in the workplace.

Teamwork Assessment Actionable Takeaways:

  • Conduct peer review on an ongoing basis so that students have opportunity to learn from their results.
  • Identify individual performance within the team with what this paper calls Performance Factor.

Conducting peer review in larger courses can be very time consuming for faculty, particularly if the results are being closely monitored. EduSourced includes a survey feature where peer review, among other survey types, can be scheduled in advanced for a fully automated experience.

The Performance Factor identified in this paper is identical to the Adjustment Factor employed by CATME, a peer review tool, and EduSourced’s own Relative Performance Score. The principle behind this calculation is simple: identifying an individual’s performance relative to their teammates.

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