EduSourced now includes Microsoft Office for online collaboration

by | Oct 15, 2017 | Written Posts

EduSourced introduces Microsoft Office Online integration

EduSourced is the leading software platform for real-world experiential projects in the college classroom. Now, it is better than ever with the new Microsoft Office Online integration. For thousands of students and educators, we are the online meeting place between student, educator and industry professional. Collaboration is inevitable which is why there are already over 50,000 Office documents in EduSourced with more being added everyday.

Microsoft Office is the standard for industry. As the leader in projects between higher education and industry, we have integrated Microsoft Office Online into EduSourced. Office Online in EduSourced makes it seamless for students to collaborate with one another and ultimately share their work, securely, with their clients when needed. With our new Office Online integration, our users will see the following improvements:

  • Use Office Online right inside EduSourced: Users can work on files using Office Online in EduSourced by simply clicking the document name. The result is immediate and completely seamless.
  • Real-time collaboration: We knew students needed a place to collaborate with their peers (and sometimes clients) in a way that was familiar and immediate. In Office Online, the collaboration is immediate and it has the same user experience that our users are already comfortable with.
EduSourced with Office Online integration

Real-time collaboration view

Users can now collaborate inside their browser without downloading documents or switching between tools. This improves security since there is no need to repeatedly download and re-upload the same document on different machines.

We believe experiential learning is the most impactful way to educate the next generation of talent – today’s college students. We continue working to make EduSourced the best online platform possible for experiential projects.

Contact us to learn more and to find out if we are a fit for your experiential program.

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