2023 Experiential Learning Benchmark Report

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2023 Experiential Learning Benchmark

The most comprehensive benchmarking report for Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Benchmark Report: Trends and Data

Since EduSourced launched in 2014, one question we have always been asked is: what are other schools doing with Experiential Learning? This year we are proud to publish our fifth annual Experiential Learning benchmark report. This is our largest dataset yet on experiential learning with 101 participants sharing data from their EL programs along with key advice, program innovations and people’s biggest challenges in running experiential learning.

Download the 2023 Experiential Learning benchmark report for a full picture on:

  • Project pricing: how much are other schools charging for Experiential Learning projects?
  • Experiential Learning requirement vs elective
  • The most popular sources for Experiential Learning projects: where do schools source their projects?
  • Formal vs. ad-hoc: the rise of directors and offices of Experiential Learning
  • Project client NDAs and managing client expectations
  • How impactful Experiential Learning projects are on student careers
  • Project volume: how many EL projects is a lot?
  • 125 insights from Experiential Learning involved faculty, staff and administration
    • What’s one piece of advice you would share on Experiential Learning?
    • Key Experiential Learning innovations
    • The biggest challenges in experiential learning, detailed

For complete results, along with trend insights from the past 5 years we have done this survey, download the report above.

Looking for Past Results?

For 2022 results, as presented alongside Babson and BYU, click here.

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