Experiential Learning Benchmark Report Panel Discussion

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Webinars

EduSourced is proud to present this live panel discussion on the biggest data set for experiential learning yet. Our panel of EL leaders share insights from their own programs, context on EL benchmark data and live audience discussion. Also, the 2024 benchmark survey is now open! Click here to complete it and contribute to the ongoing study of experiential learning trends.

Recording timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intros
  • 6:39 Who participated in this survey?
  • 7:34 How common are live projects?
  • 8:10 Should EL be required or elective?
  • 14:23 How much to charge for projects
  • 22:23 Multidisciplinary projects
  • 29:45 EL innovations
  • 40:02 Should schools have a director or EL?
  • 44:08 Where projects come from
  • 46:15 Project volume
  • 47:18 Should you use an NDA with clients?
  • 49:18 Setting expectations with project sponsors
  • 50:00 EL’s impact on career readiness
  • 54:15 Measuring learning outcomes
  • 56:51 Biggest challenges in EL
  • 58:01 Panel’s Advice on Experiential Learning

More Data Than Ever

Our 5th year of conducting the Experiential Learning benchmark survey had 101 respondents making it our biggest set yet, and the biggest data set for experiential learning there is. In this live session, our panel will walk through the worldwide benchmark results in the context of their own EL programs and combined decades-long history of managing and teaching experiential learning.


Dr. Sara Hanson is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Richmond and the Faculty Director of the Spider Business Hub at Robins School of Business. Sara brings 13 years of experience with client-based projects to this new program at the Hub, so far facilitating 90 partner projects with over 900 students.

Dr. Robert Hart and Dr. Todd Polk, Co-Directors of UTDesign at UT Dallas Jonsson School of Engineering. Launched in 2014, UTDesign houses multidisciplinary engineering capstone projects and has reached over 8,000 students across 1,200+ unique projects. This award-winning program emphasizes the real-world side of experiential learning. Students work with a technical company contact and a UT Dallas advisor to balance delivering value to clients with the supportive structure of the classroom.

Fion Behm, Associate Director, Experiential Learning at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Fuqua was an early adopter of business school experiential learning and in Fiona’s 6 years of experience with Duke’s Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum, she has overseen over 500 unique clients across 300+ projects. FCCP serves more than 300 students each year.

David Comisford, CEO of EduSourced, the most widely adopted software platform for experiential learning management in colleges & universities. David has been involved with EduSourced’s EL trends data collection survey for 5 years and will be moderating the discussion.

Want to watch last year’s EL trends panel? Click here!


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