Experiential Learning Presentation to Belk College of Business at Charlotte

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Written Posts

I was asked to present on experiential learning at the Belk College of Business at charlotte for their Fall breakout programming. I thought it would be most helpful to focus on experiential learning baselines given the audience included both faculty and staff directly involved with experiential learning and not yet involved. Although experiential learning is a big tent covering many topics, for this presentation I focused entirely on industry-based projects in the classroom.

The three stages of experiential learning

Every school that offers experiential learning falls on a three level scale.

  • Level one are schools who have EL, but are not actively supporting it
  • Level two: department level support where the program persists beyond a single faculty’s involvement and has record keeping beyond course records
  • Level three: school level support with collaboration among key offices like career and alumni relations, a dedicated EL staff of office, integral with school identify to employers

Benchmarking insights

Key innovations, advice and challenges from the 2023 EduSourced EL benchmarking survey.

The five decision points when building supporting and supporting experiential learning programs and how they inflence each other. Data from our benchmarking survey rounds out this picture of program options.

Mistakes, costs and benefits of EL

We talk to so many EL programs each year and work with over a hundred. There is no one size fits all but I try to distill this all down to a basic picture of experiential learning including key mistakes to avoid!

Demo EduSourced

See why EduSourced is the most adopted platform for experiential learning management in Higher Education!

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