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EduSourced deepens its commitment to schools with Gateway, a new service that connects schools with employers for sourcing projects

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, one of the most important reasons why I founded EduSourced was the need I had as an undergraduate to gain knowledge and skills that would prepare me to enter and succeed in the workplace. I was eager to experience work in the “real world” and to apply my classroom lessons in a business environment, but there weren’t any clear options outside of an internship–and we’ve all heard the horror stories about interns being relegated to getting the coffee and not being given timely and relevant projects.

Now that we are partnering with leading-edge schools on the delivery of their project-based learning programs, let me take a moment to reflect on what I’m hearing is the greatest challenge that schools face in this area.

When we entered this market in 2014 I saw survey data from the 2013 LEPE webinar noting the #1 challenge for employer-based learning was, and is sourcing projects.

As we talk with partner schools, it’s clear they are committed to creating and delivering the highest quality learning experience for their students. This commitment is incredible, but this new learning model comes with a set of challenges. Sourcing projects that are a good fit for the students (and enough of them) is more onerous than ever as experiential projects are more integral than ever to curriculum.

We created EduSourced Gateway– a free service for schools to connect with employers, so that you can source project proposals that are a great fit for your students. Schools who register with Gateway, join a fast-growing community of schools and employers focused on partnering to offer students quality project-based learning experiences, around the globe. With Gateway, employers come to you to collaborate with your students.

If your school and students would benefit from deepening and broadening your project employer pool, I welcome you to register for Gateway .

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