Our client UH Bauer featured by AACSB for Career Prep Excellence

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Written Posts

The webinar recording is posted here.

The article on AACSB Insights, Building Bridges Over the College-to-Career Gap, outlines the holistic, first-principles approach Bauer takes to their career-readiness that is featured in our upcoming webinar. Bauer had a tremendous challenge: how do you take 2,000 students, many of whom are first-generation college students, and ensure they are positioned to excel in their careers after school? Yes, the basics are important and staples like mock interviews and assistance setting up LinkedIn profiles help, but with many students unable to find internships, how do you provide true career-readiness?

A big part of the answer was scaling an experiential course with employer projects to 1,000 students. And to do this with first-year business students added to the challenge, but also created opportunity to give ambitious students the ability to build their networks and work history, so when it comes time for an internship, they are ready. Bringing live employer projects to that many students is challenging on many fronts but one of them is organizational: EduSourced was selected as the platform to host this program supporting over 1,000 students and countless mentors to help this fantastic program run.

The architect of this program, Assistant Dean Jamie Belinne, is presenting on this 1,000 student experiential course March 10 at 2pm Eastern and you can register for the session here.

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